Marketing at IFBC: The Good, The Bad, and the Huh?

Note to readers: This is a subsidized post. In exchange for a reduced conference fee, I agreed to write three posts about the International Food Bloggers Conference.

The good: this genius shirt from the Bordeaux Wine Council.

photo 3

I was more than happy to post this Instagram photo to get one. And great to make a new local friend, Allan Aquilla! We had a good time together at the Saturday night event.

photo 2

The bad: please please please can we put the “Keep Calm And…” thing to rest already?

photo 1

I will acknowledge that this at least has a somewhat nice ring to it. But still. I don’t want to use these pans to cook the dead horse you’re beating.

The huh?

I was surprised that there weren’t more Seattle/Northwest brands represented. How is Starbucks not a sponsor of an event like this? A few local restaurants were part of the Saturday night “Taste of Seattle” event but it was dominated by other national/international brands. Raincoast Crisps had a significant presence at the opening event, but Lesley’s Stowe’s little pitch speech was widely (and loudly) ignored. As I learned over the course of the weekend, ignoring people who are talking might be one of the hallmarks of a bloggers conference. I was in a breakout session on writing and a woman near me spent the entire time writing and monitoring three Twitter feeds. Does it count as “being there” if you’re not really present in the moment?


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