Turkey, Swiss, and Mint Salad

Today at the grocery store I started imagining a cobb-style salad for lunch so I had the deli cut me monster-thick (1/2″) slices of turkey breast and Swiss cheese.

At home I realized I had a big bunch of fresh mint, and momentarily considered taking it in an Asian direction, but I’d already cubed my meat and cheese and I decided to take the challenge; incorporate mint without going Vietnamese. Bring it on.

Into the salad bowl went my cubed meat and cheese, chopped romaine hearts, diced red onion, and fresh mint leaves. For the dressing I poured a little flaxseed oil into a bowl (about 1 tbsp.), added stone ground mustard (1 tsp), lemon juice (1 tsp.) salt, pepper, and whisked to emulsify.

Then over the salad for a quick toss, into the bowl with ground pepper and a mint sprig as a warning: An exciting twist awaits you!