French Lentil Salad with Orzo and Toasted Almonds

So, let’s see.. what did I do to make this killer warm salad? Well, I boiled a 1/2 cup of french lentils with a bay leaf and salt. And I toasted some raw almonds in a skillet until they were browned and smoking a little. Meanwhile, I soaked some thinly sliced yellow onion in sushi vinegar to sweeten and take the bite out. Then I chopped celery, Italian parsley, red onion, & scallions. The almonds went into the food processor (but if you’re manly you could pound ’em). Then when the lentils were getting soft I added a half cup of orzo to the boiling water. When the orzo was ready, I drained it in a wire sieve, fished out the bay leaf, and tossed everything together with some nice olive oil, salt, pepper, capers, and a healthy squirt lemon of juice. Amazingly tasty! Serve warm or room temp. I’m thinking under a piece of pan-fried fish. Fancy-times.