Roasted Almond Fritatta

Slowly roast a red pepper in the oven (about 2 hours and 200 degrees) until the skin starts to crisp, cool in an air-tight bag, peel, seed, slice, and set aside. Roast raw almonds in a frying pan over med-low heat about 20 minutes, until the skins brown slightly and they start to smell amazing. Pulse in a food processor with basil, parmesan, salt, and pepper, to make a sort of dry pesto, and set aside. Whisk about 4 eggs and 2-3 egg whites with a splash of milk and a pinch of salt. Then, in an oven-safe pan (a cast iron skillet is ideal) sautee some garlic in butter, and add whisked eggs. Stir/scramble the eggs, adding sliced roasted red pepper. When the eggs are starting to set up but still stirrable, remove from heat, sprinkle almond/parmesan mixure over the surface, and bake at about 300 or 350, until the eggs puff up and the parmesan gets crispy. Cool a few minutes before slicing.